Jeff Mann is quickly becoming a respected presence in the drumming community. He has been playing for 20 years, but since joining the NYC world-prog shredders Consider the Source six years ago—a trio known for their virtuosic playing and unique “sci-fi Middle Eastern fusion” sound—he has had more of a spotlight for his abilities. A study in contrasts, Mann’s approach ranges from powerful, propulsive attacks laden with chops, to deft light hands that bring out the compositional nuance of the band’s rich, intricate arrangements. Add to this mix of technique and phrasing his ability to maneuver between Eastern and Western traditions, fusing culture rhythmically with a tonal palette that includes numerous traditional drums and hand percussion instruments, side by side with modern electronics. All the while, and maybe most important of all, he swings: he brings a groove to what can be dense, heavy sonic passages allowing odd-time signatures to flow by naturally, and he makes it seem easy.

A remarkable soloist, Mann seems at times to compose on the fly, jumping from the song into a new space that is all his own, adding melodic textures to the rhythms and beats, then back into the arrangement. Like most fine players, however, what sets him apart is his ability to support and enhance the playing of his band mates—two extraordinary string players who would challenge any drummer. As one London blog put it, in a review of the band’s recent release, the epic double album  World War Trio, Parts II & III (Techne Records, 2015), “The band is the sum of its brilliant parts, with guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Marin flanked by multi-bass player John Ferrara and drummer / percussionist Jeff Mann. Mann combines subtlety and power in his phrasing to shape several challenging pieces brilliantly (getreadytorock.me.uk).”

After catching the band live, another writer draws this comparison. “Imagine the ‘90s Bulls. Now, imagine them with LeBron on the team too. You can debate either way which of Marin and Ferrara are Michael and LeBron….Mann is unarguably Pippen, valiantly rocking (NYSMusic).”

With a rigorous touring schedule averaging 125 shows per year, Consider The Source performs throughout North America, and has toured the Middle East and Europe three times. Demand from fans led the trio to create the “Source Academy”—an online lesson forum that Mann’s 10+ years of experience teaching lessons prepared him for.